Terms and conditions of use


Before any products can be checked out and service can begin guest visitors to the website need to register as customer on the website to be able to access various check out and service options provided by allinabox. To register you will provide personal information that will be used for administrative purposes and will not be shared with any 3rd party organisation without the customer’s permission


Ordering and checking out of products can take place once the customer is logged into the website they will be able to add to their cart. This cart will be available for customers to add and remove products at their own will, the shopping cart will list the total number of products as well as the total amount of items delivery included.


Once the shopping cart is filled with the required items the total amount of items will be added and the customer will be given a choice of payment methods from cash on delivery (only up to a certain amount) to bank transfer and card payment facilities. This selection will take place during the ordering of products.


Delivery will commence once the payment and order has been processed by the allinabox server, the location of the delivery will decided upon the customer’s request. The location of the delivery will be entered during the customers registration phase but can be edited during the ordering phase to deliver to a different location or registered location to any accommodation within the hour of pacing and an order